Do I need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance seems to be one of those insurance policies that gets put on the back burner because it is not required by law to have and no one makes you get it. However if you haven’t noticed by now, none of us are getting out of this life alive. Everyone will die at some point, that is a guarantee. However most people will argue that once you reach retirement or your kids are grown and out of the house, you no longer have a need for life insurance. That is certainly a valid argument, but we will cover why you need life insurance in retirement another day.

To simply put it, you need life insurance if you love someone or you owe someone money. Life insurance can be used to do many different things upon the death of someone. Most importantly you need it for income replacement of that individual. If the breadwinner is bringing in a certain income and the family depends on that income, then you need life insurance. We will discuss later how much that person needs. Other reasons for buying life insurance are: funeral costs, medical bills, debt, paying for a child’s education, leaving money to a charity or to family, keeping the family in the same house they currently live in, drive the same cars, and simply to maintain the same lifestyle the family currently enjoys.

Life insurance is literally the greatest gift someone can give their family. The financial security that it provides for a family is immeasurable. At Aubert Insurance Agency, we take this very seriously. Our goal is to make sure that what you want to happen, does happen. We take you through a process to determine how much coverage you want and then determine the best way to design the plan specifically for you and your family. This is not a 1 size fits all kind of deal. Calling a 1-800 number or going online to buy it and never sitting down with a professionally trained agent can literally cost you the lifestyle you currently enjoy. The best part? Buying from a local agent cost the same as buying it online or through a toll free number, yet you get to deal with a person who is here and trained to help you. Where we separate ourselves from the other agencies and online companies is we will be there when it matters most. If God forbid there is a tragedy, we will be right there to help you through the process of making the claim and getting everything done that needs to be done. We will be right by your side to help you through it. You wont get that from a 1-800 number.

If you have questions about life insurance or any other type of insurance, please visit our website or call us at 985-892-3101 x8. We are here to help you.

Protect your family today with life insurance.

Protect your family today with life insurance.

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