My employees use their own car for work… I on the hook?

Many employers have their employees do things outside of the office and use their own cars to do it. Happens all the time, no big deal right? Hey they are just going to the post office to pick up mail or running to the local office supply place to pick up ink. What most employers fail to realize is that the employer is on the hook for the liability if the employee was to get in to some kind of accident and they are at fault. Your employee may just be running an errand and they get into an accident with another car or possibly hit a pedestrian or whatever the case may be and even though they are using their own car, because it is for business purposes, the business is responsible.

To protect the business from this type of liability, the company would purchase Hired/Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage. This type of coverage is usually included with your General Liability or Commercial Auto policy, but can be purchased as a stand alone policy. The hired auto coverage is to protect you in the event you rent a car or truck for business use. This coverage does NOT cover the physical damage (comprehensive or collision coverage), it only covers the liability portion. The non-owned auto coverage protects you in the event you are liable for something in a car NOT OWNED by the business. As in the example above, your employee is using their personal car to run a business errand. Once again you are not covering the physical damage of the non-owned car, just the liability.

This is an easy coverage to add or get, however it is also an easy one to overlook and it could be devastating to a business if you are sued for this kind of accident and do not have any coverage. You have all seen the TV commercials and billboards with attorneys looking for people who have been in accidents with business vehicles so they can go after the business assets. Not saying attorneys are bad for doing this, but with this being the case, why would you not make 100% sure you are protected from it.

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Worker’s Comp Insurance…….. What on earth does it do?

When it comes to business insurance, everyone knows they need general liability insurance and property insurance to protect them, however workers comp seems to always get put on the back burner. The question becomes, why would you put one of the most important insurance coverage’s on the back burner?

Most people have a misconception about what workman’s comp does or what it covers. Workman’s comp covers any and all injuries to an employee during the course of employment. It does not matter who’s fault it is (with the exception of a couple exclusions with the employee) or how it happened. If an employee is injured in an auto accident, THEY ARE NOT COVERED BY THE AUTO INSURANCE CARRIER. Now if the employee was not at fault in the accident, then the work comp company would subrogate (get reimbursement from the other parties insurance carrier to get the money back), but they would still handle the claim. Workman’s comp insurance will handle everything from paying for any doctor’s visits, emergency room visits, surgeries, rehab, lost wages, etc that the employee may need after the injury. This also protects the employer from any lawsuits from the employee that may arise. Work comp is the insurance of last resort. That means that as long as the employer has the coverage they are completely protected in the event an employee gets hurt.

The one main thing that employers need to remember is, you can help control general liability claims by being more careful around your business, you can help control property claims by being more careful around the building and making sure everything works properly to help avoid a fire or other disaster. The one thing you can not control is what employees do. Not to say they would do anything on purpose (although it does happen) but you may tell them not to do something and they do it anyway while trying to get something done and something happens. They may try to pick something up that is too heavy and hurt their back, they may be driving somewhere and get in an accident. There is nothing that the employer can do to protect themselves from an accident like this occurring.

In the end, work comp is one of the the most important coverage’s a business can have. Especially with the way the laws are written in the State of Louisiana, you want to make sure that you leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting your business from a claim. I do know that paying for insurance is no fun and no one enjoys doing it, however would it be more fun to close your business and lose your life savings because of a claim that could have easily been protected?

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Aubert Insurance Agency.....Protecting your business since 1910.

Aubert Insurance Agency…..Protecting your business since 1910.

Do I need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance seems to be one of those insurance policies that gets put on the back burner because it is not required by law to have and no one makes you get it. However if you haven’t noticed by now, none of us are getting out of this life alive. Everyone will die at some point, that is a guarantee. However most people will argue that once you reach retirement or your kids are grown and out of the house, you no longer have a need for life insurance. That is certainly a valid argument, but we will cover why you need life insurance in retirement another day.

To simply put it, you need life insurance if you love someone or you owe someone money. Life insurance can be used to do many different things upon the death of someone. Most importantly you need it for income replacement of that individual. If the breadwinner is bringing in a certain income and the family depends on that income, then you need life insurance. We will discuss later how much that person needs. Other reasons for buying life insurance are: funeral costs, medical bills, debt, paying for a child’s education, leaving money to a charity or to family, keeping the family in the same house they currently live in, drive the same cars, and simply to maintain the same lifestyle the family currently enjoys.

Life insurance is literally the greatest gift someone can give their family. The financial security that it provides for a family is immeasurable. At Aubert Insurance Agency, we take this very seriously. Our goal is to make sure that what you want to happen, does happen. We take you through a process to determine how much coverage you want and then determine the best way to design the plan specifically for you and your family. This is not a 1 size fits all kind of deal. Calling a 1-800 number or going online to buy it and never sitting down with a professionally trained agent can literally cost you the lifestyle you currently enjoy. The best part? Buying from a local agent cost the same as buying it online or through a toll free number, yet you get to deal with a person who is here and trained to help you. Where we separate ourselves from the other agencies and online companies is we will be there when it matters most. If God forbid there is a tragedy, we will be right there to help you through the process of making the claim and getting everything done that needs to be done. We will be right by your side to help you through it. You wont get that from a 1-800 number.

If you have questions about life insurance or any other type of insurance, please visit our website or call us at 985-892-3101 x8. We are here to help you.

Protect your family today with life insurance.

Protect your family today with life insurance.

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Aubert Insurance Agency Est. 1910

Aubert Insurance Agency
Est. 1910